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We're calling in sick this month with a case of Peggle XBLA

Dear Christopher J. Grant,

Consider this email a formal request for time off sometime in the month of March. I'm not sick or anything, I just want to play Peggle. I don't know the exact date that will kick off my vacation, since PopCap hasn't revealed specifically when Peggle will hit the XBLA. However, according to a press release we received last night, we know it's coming out in March. So, expect me to be gone whenever that happens.

If, for some reason, Peggle is hit with a case of the Microsoft Certifications (not a real disease) and it doesn't release on the XBLA this month, disregard this email until April, when PopCap will release the Xbox 360 retail disc, PopCap Arcade Volume 2 (which will include Feeding Frenzy 2, Heavy Weapon and of course, Peggle). Don't judge me. I seem to remember a certain website giving Peggle a Game of the Year nod in 2007 and with 4-player multiplayer, how can PopCap go wrong? Besides attempting to charge much more than the rumored (but once confirmed) 800 ($9.99) price tag, of course. Anyway, peace out.

Xav de Matos

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