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WoW Moviewatch: Northrend Newsflash


Northrend Newsflash, by Ninth Batter, is a really great idea. It's a video in the style of old American propaganda videos, but told from the perspective of the Scourge. The Lich King wants you!

I liked the shifting camera perspectives, since that really mimics the WWII style the author was aiming for. The voiceover's accent was close enough to get the job done. I appreciate that he wasn't quite as tinny or nasally as most of those old commenters tended to be, since that also tends to drive me up the wall.

The only segments during which the video lost me a bit were the interviews. They felt slow to me, and dragged down the pace of the rest of the video. While I understand what he was getting at, I could have skipped them in favor of a little faster tempo. This kind of video relies on the stylization in short bursts, and the longer interviews interrupt the flow of that, in my opinion. I'm not saying the interviews were bad, just that they seemed off-pace to me.

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At any rate, it's great work, and I'm hopeful to see more from Ninth Batter.

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