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Ask Engadget HD: Easiest-to-use HD media streamer?

Darren Murph

There's no shortage of HD media streamer options out there, but the list of possibilities shrinks up when looking for one that even your mum could use. Have you found one that's notoriously ease to setup and operate? Have a gander at Chris' question:

"I've heard various HD media streamers proclaimed as being "the best," but of those great ones, which is easiest to use? I can imagine things getting complicated quick when trying to find media on various connected PCs and hard drives, and I'm not looking to frustrate myself with yet another box that doesn't really work. What HD media streamer is simplest to setup and use? I want things to be as pain free as possible."

Ah, pain free. Isn't that what we all strive for? If you've found your own streamer to be remarkably simple to use, speak up. And moreover, if you've found yours to be incredibly difficult to use, speak up even louder.

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