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ASUS U / UX Series laptops hands-on

Darren Murph

Maybe it's just because we visited that heart-stealing Eee PC 1008HA right before these buggers, but for whatever reason, ASUS' new U / UX lineup just didn't seem as sexy in person as they did in the press shots. We will say, however, that the light-up trackpad was one of the more whiz-bang things we've seen in awhile, though we're still skeptical of its actual utility. Curiously enough, one of the models on display even lacked letters on the chiclet style keyboard, and while we know good and well it won't ship like that, we were kind of fond of it... in a weird, nerd-type way. At any rate, feel free to dig in to the gallery below, and be sure to mind the ASUS rep waxing the fingerprints from the bezel -- you'll be doing lots of that should you select one of these.

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