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    CNET doesn't get along with DISH's DTVPal DVR

    Steven Kim

    We had pretty much put the whole "DVR" versus "PVR" thing behind us, but CNET's review of DISH Network's DTVPal DVR had us flashing back to those old arguments. Even though CNET apparently scored a "good" unit that didn't show any glitches, there were plenty of shortcomings that seem unacceptable in today's day and age, even at the low $250 price. The lack of pretty a UI isn't shocking, the dual tuners and 250GB drive are just fine, and even the spotty guide data is more about your area than the DTVPal DVR itself. But being forced to set up recordings based on channel/time combos and a lack of wishlists is really a step backwards; and when recording conflicts are hard to resolve on top of that, it makes for a tough pill to swallow. DISH is working on solving the technical issues, so we're hoping that the DTVPal DVR's "sold out" status is being used for some retooling.

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