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Custom Master Chief Transformer becomes Warthog, collector's item


The custom Master Chief Transformer we wrote about last year? It's so last year. There's a new green custom 'bot on the (auction) block, and it -- quite fittingly -- becomes a Warthog in vehicle mode. Its creator (and eBayer) built the 5 and 1/4" tall marvel out of a McFarlane Toys Master Chief figure, an Actionclix Warthog and an actual Transformers toy (Hound, in case you're wondering).

Want this one-of-a-kind Halo artifact on your bookshelf? Be prepared to pony up a hefty sum. With 52 bids as of this writing, the figure is currently going for $320 -- with an entire week to go before the auction closes. Click through after the break to see it in Warthog mode.

[Thanks, Rev Freakshow]

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