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GameTap makeover imminent, Mac no longer supported


In two weeks, on-demand gaming buffet GameTap will go under the knife. The update will introduce a new plug-in, allowing users to launch games from the desktop, start menu or from We've placed the full list of new features to the service after the break.

However, the scalpel of change will also cut out some of the current GameTap Player features for the relaunch. The big change is Macs becoming persona non grata. Beyond that: leaderboards, challenge play, IM and save states are also affected. GameTap will allegedly let users know ways to "work around" these alterations soon. All these changes are likely being done to integrate the current system with new owner European "partner," Metaboli.

[Thanks, Matt]

  • Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts for every game.
  • All arcade and console games play right in the browser.
  • Firefox support for in-browser play.
  • Manage download queue and favorites in browser.
  • Faster loading times.
  • Additional subscription options.
  • Simplified multi-computer use.
  • Better search and navigation tools.
  • New forum software.
  • Customizable avatars.
  • Improved parental controls.
  • Updated digital download store with a better selection and competitive prices.

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