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HTC's black Magic (or Sapphire, if you prefer) spotted in the wild

Chris Ziegler

We personally think it looks just grand in white, but we can understand that white isn't for everyone -- so for the rest of you, enjoy these shots of HTC's Magic in black spotted at CeBIT. Interestingly, this unit isn't Vodafone branded; instead, it's rocking the HTC logo, which might mean they're planning on offering an unlocked, unbranded unit at some point. Wouldn't that be... magical? It's not clear whether the "Magic" name is exclusive to Voda, so we might see this sucker under a different name if the unlocked thing actually happens -- maybe the "Sapphire" it went by in its codename days. Either that, or this is nothing more than a one-off used for testing, and we can all go back to dealing with Vodafone and T-Mobile contracts. Time'll tell.

[Thanks, Andy]

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