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Midway would like to keep Mortal Kombat, talks happening

Jason Dobson

While Midway has offered up the sale of Mortal Kombat in its continued fight for survival, the troubled publisher's confidence in the franchise isn't quite as shaken as may be believed. Company spokesperson Geoff Mogilner recently told MTV Multiplayer that while shedding the visceral brawler "could happen," selling off Mortal Kombat is "not something that we as a company are going for."

Even so, Mogilner admitted that there is "definitely interest" from other publishers regarding Mortal Kombat, and that "conversations" are happening, though he wouldn't talk specifics. Still, the corporate spokesperson did estimate that the Mortal Kombat franchise as a whole is responsible for an impressive $1.5 billion, which given Midway's current financial upheaval would certainly come in handy right about now.

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