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N'Gai Croal to leave Newsweek for consultancy career

That's right. Newsweek's N'Gai Croal – one of game journalism's most august statesmen – will be packing up his desk at the venerable (though not invulnerable) news magazine and heading out for waters uncharted, Gamasutra reports. Croal may be leaving games journalism but he's not leaving the gaming industry; instead, Croal will "pursue a career as a creative consultant to game developers" to help them reach that most mysterious of all gamers: the adult.

Croal has posted his final piece on his LevelUp blog, but if you want moar Croal, you'll still find his monthly column in Edge magazine, a personal blog at (the currently parked) and, of course, Twitter. If you had to read one piece of work from Croal's coverage of the gaming industry, the man himself recommends his investigation of the unfortunate Gerstmann-gate incident and (here's the good part, folks) "the contempt publishers have for the enthusiast press," calling it "one of the posts I'm proudest of." We're inclined to agree.

So, here we are ... from one editorial we to another, we'll selfishly miss your contributions at Newsweek but wish you the best in the new gig.

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