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Stormrise only supports DirectX 10, is Vista-exclusive

Dustin Burg

It's now confirmed that The Creative Assembly's upcoming RTS title, Stormrise, will only support DirectX 10 on the PC, thus making it exclusive to Windows Vista by default.

In an interview with PC Games Hardware, Stormrise lead designer Artem Kulakov confirms the title's DX10 support, making it the first (and possibly only) Vista-exclusive game (Update: Uh, except for all those other ones). According to Kulakov, the reason for only supporting DX10 is to make it easier to port to console platforms and to give the developer an "opportunity to increase performance and improve visual quality."

While we aren't experts in the field of how to launch a new franchise, we suspect that limiting the potential user base to only those with Vista (and without some hacking skillz) seems counterproductive to the goal of making a profit.

[Via Big Download]

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