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Amazon testing trade-in program


We like buying games on Amazon, because we like saving money and we despise the nightmarish no man's land called "anywhere outside of our house." But sometimes we must brave the elements and go to GameStop: specifically, when we have some junk to trade in. Amazon is working to correct this issue: like Toys R Us, the retailer has started a trade-in program for video games!

To trade a game in to Amazon, all you have to do is visit the trade-in section of the site, select the games you want to trade in (at least $10 worth), print a free shipping label and send it out. You'll get a gift card in return -- plus an extra 10% if you do it before March 19. Unfortunately, the trade-in values seem roughly commensurate with GameStop's, which means they're pretty low. But sometimes eBay is such a hassle!

We wonder about GameStop's future if enough retailers band together to provide GameStop's services without requiring people to visit GameStop's stores.

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