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Days of Arcade promotion coming to XBLA March 18; Lode Runner, six other titles coming soon

Xbox Live figurehead Major Nelson recently updated his blog with the titillating announcement of a six-week long promotion titled the "Days of Arcade." Similar to last year's "Summer of Arcade" event, the promotion will kick off March 18 with the release of Hasbro Family Game Night, with the following five weeks bringing a number of highly anticipated titles to the Marketplace, including The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Flock, Outrun Online Arcade, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, UNO Rush and Tozai Games' remake of Lode Runner.

Aside from Game Night, we won't know which games are coming which weeks until Major Nelson announces them on the Mondays preceeding their Wednesday releases. However, as the keen-eyed mathmaticians among you have already noticed, with seven titles dropping in six weeks, one XBLA Wednesday will bring us a double dose of downloadable distractions. We've already canceled our Spring Break excursion to Cabo San Lucas in a fit of breathless anticipation.

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