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My, what low prices you have: The Path will run you $9.99

Justin McElroy

"But Joystiq, what's The Path?" we hear you ask, bewildered. Ah, we've pulled the old bait-and-switch on you, friend. See, we pretended like this was a game you already cared about so you'd read the post and then, in turn, care about it -- oldest blogging trick in the book.

The Path is an indie game from Tale of Tales, who brought you History's Most Somber Game, The Graveyard. Its new offering, The Path, is a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood and, in its own words, "offers a sincere meditation on the subjects of choice and consequence, temptation and duty, growth and change, and life and death" ... seriously, who wouldn't pay $9.99 to see what that's all about? If you'd like just a hint of what to expect, there's a brief video after the break, or you can also visit the game's exceedingly mysterious website.

Look for the game on Steam, Direct2Drive and Tale of Tales' website on March 18.

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