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Windows 3.1 on S60 dude says 'why stop there,' ups the ante with Win95

Chris Ziegler

Hey, look, it's Windows... mobile. Get it? You know, Windows 95 on a mobile device -- ah, never mind. Point is, the S60 port of DOSBox seems to be doing some really crazy, insane, questionably-useful things for Symbian-powered devices around the world, and when running Windows 3.1 on a 320 x 240 display just doesn't do it for you anymore, you can apparently step up to a harder drug like Windows 95. The video shows good ol' 95 getting demoed on an N82, but given the molasses-like pace of absolutely everything, we'd say this is strictly a for-the-hell-of-it sort of experiment. Translation: there are better ways to run your BBS from the road. Follow the break for video.

[Thanks, Daniel]

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