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Capcom Visa cards full of hidden charges (just like Guile)


Those pre-paid Capcom Visa cards are nice collectibles, but it turns out that they do a little collecting of their own. In case you aren't intimately familiar with the minutiae of the credit card world, Defend Your Dollars laid out, in plain language, the fees associated with the prepaid cash card (which is not a credit card, nor is it a debit card).

Just a few examples: You have to pay $10 to buy the thing, followed by $4.95 monthly. You put another $4.95 down as a fee when you want to reload the card. And unless you specify a "signature-based debit transaction" at retailers, you're charged a quarter for a PIN-based transaction. You also pay for balance inquiries, ATM transactions, overdrafts (to the tune of whatever you spent plus ten dollars), customer service calls, bill payment by check (seriously), and not using your card for 90 days.

This isn't unique to the Capcom cards: this is just how it is for prepaid cash cards. You pay a lot for the privilege of having a card. It's your call whether you love Bionic Commando's Nathan Spencer enough to put up with this business.

[Via The Consumerist -- thanks Don!]

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