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ESRB rates Bubble Bobble Plus!


We'll get to discussing the details of this news in just a second, but there's something that we must get out of the way first:


The ESRB has posted a rating for Bubble Bobble Plus!, the WiiWare version of Taito's wonderful arcade platformer. We don't know when it will come out here -- Nintendo is seemingly very careful to make sure nobody knows when downloadable games are coming out -- but at least we know that Square Enix is planning it. And we are so happy.

In other ESRB WiiWare news, it appears that Silver Star Chess is coming to North America, published by Agetec. "Players can browse through a menu screen that displays still images of fictional opponents," the description reads. "One of the still images depicts a female opponent wearing a dress that exposes deep cleavage." So there's that.


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