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Guitar Hero exclusive: Rise Against's 'Death Blossoms'

Dustin Burg

Punk rock band Rise Against will exclusively debut its previously unreleased track "Death Blossoms" as Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content.

The new song, along with the band's "Audience of One" and "Ready to Fall" tracks, will be released on both XBLM and PSN on March 12 as the Rise Against Track Pack (440 / $5.49). Each track will also be available as an individual download for 160 / $2.

We're told the band's lead singer, Tim McIlrath, will log onto Xbox Live on March 14 (Gamertag: GHRiseAgainst1) to participate in a Br-br-br-brush "Game with Fame" session, allowing would-be wailers to participate in a karaoke-style showdown with the singer. Mind the coffee table!

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