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inFamous launching worldwide in June, demo on the way [update]

Jem Alexander

You're currently looking at the box art for Sucker Punch's upcoming PS3 exclusive, inFamous. The cover, along with the release date (well -- month, at least), was revealed on the PlayStation Blog today. You'll be stepping into the electrified shoes of Cole McGrath at some point in June. We're not sure inFamous will be as successful as last June's major PS3 exclusive, but players will be able to try this one out before they buy, as a demo has already been confirmed.

The game's soundtrack has also been detailed on Music 4 Games. Update: The source link for the soundtrack information has been removed, but the article alleged that the game music would be a collaborative effort between Amon Tobin, Jim Dooley, Mel Wesson, Martin Tilman who, between them, have worked on Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Pushing Daisies, Pirates of the Caribbean and Black Hawk Down. The now-removed source added that in order to produce a more urban, gritty sound, the composers will be creating music from "real-life objects and materials found in urban environments." In response to these alleged details, Sony states, "We have not made any official announcements regarding the music in inFamous." (That's right Sony! Stuff the cat right back in that bag.) We'll let you know when the truly infamous soundtrack is ready for your ears -- and eyes.

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