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Keepin' it real fake, part CLXXXIX: meet the HTC A296 -- and its gaping maw

Chris Ziegler

We can totally picture this scenario at a bar, party, or Engadget reader meetup: "Hey, check out my Touch Diamond... oh, oh, wait, what's this? Wha-BAM!" Out comes the numeric keypad, right out of nowhere, accompanied by a sickeningly bad S60 knockoff interface. Observers are stunned, dumbfounded; some even pass out in shock. Babies are crying, you can hear the forlorned wail of sirens in the background, and mass riots ensue. Put simply, the world was never designed to handle a fake Touch Diamond with a slide-out keypad -- but you had to cross the streams, didn't you? Jerk.

[Thanks, Jack G.]

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