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Legal tie-ups could delay Magic, other HTC launches in Germany

Chris Ziegler

Anyone holding out for that April launch of HTC's Android-powered Magic in Germany might be in for a longer wait than they'd hoped thanks to -- you guessed it -- legal drama. It seems that patent holding company IPCom has gone after HTC over a series of patents related to UMTS in a Mannheim court; the legal eagles over there ruled late last month that there is some sort of violation taking place, so the targeted launch date could be in jeopardy if HTC doesn't come to the table and negotiate. For the record, this is the same IPCom that has a multi-billion dollar lawsuit pending against Nokia over the same patents, so HTC could be looking at some serious dough if they decide to play ball. Realistically, if we had to guess, this'll resolve itself quietly with a settlement totalling some small fraction of what IPCom wants, but it's something to keep an eye on.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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