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Meizu M9 won't be that different than the M8 -- it uses the same firmware

Chris Ziegler

Meizu M8 owners know that the firmware still needs to bake for a while longer before it'll be ready for human consumption, but there's a problem: the M8's hardware is done, leaving a bunch of engineers without work. It seems that this little conundrum was the impetus Meizu needed to undertake its M9 project, because CEO Jack Wong has indicated on the company's forums that the new model will be strictly a hardware change from the M8 -- the software platform will be essentially the same. As he's mentioned before, the M9 will come in CDMA and TD-SCDMA flavors whereas the current M8 is strictly GSM, so that radio swap is where the real hardware re-engineering comes into play, it seems. There's still no word on how long this surgery might take, but we're sure data-hungry Chinese on TD-SCDMA spectrum are going to be putting on the full-court press to get it done sooner rather than later.

[Via Meizu Me]

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