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San Diego to declare March 16 'Sony Online Entertainment Day'


To celebrate the 10th anniversary of EverQuest and the "continued support and dedication" of Sony Online Entertainment, the city of San Diego will hold a ceremony March 10 to declare an official "Sony Online Entertainment Day" -- which will actually take place six days later. Carl DeMaio of the City Council will present SOE's John Smedley with an award at 10 AM.

The SOE announcement suggests arriving at the council chambers early in order to have enough time to find parking and get through security. Of course, then you should get home early, because every minute spent away from the game means that the people still playing are getting ahead of you.

We can't believe EverQuest has been online for 10 years. We remember finding the idea of a persistent multiplayer RPG populated by thousands of people terrifying at the time, and we have yet to get over that initial fear.

[Via Massively]

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