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The Daily Roundup: here's what you might've missed

Ross Miller

BeBook 2 e-reader revealed and in the wild at CeBIT 2009!
There it is, folks -- the BeBook 2. We knew Endless Ideas was bringing its next-generation BeBook to CeBIT, but we had no idea it'd be this well under wraps.

All Circuit City stores closing permanently on March 8th
To an icon in the consumer electronics retail space, we wave goodbye.

Cydia developer planning independent iPhone App Store, others planning jailbreak service, adult app store
Looks like the jailbroken iPhone app scene is about to get seriously interesting.
Other news of import

Hulu blocks boxee browser entirely, gloves get ripped halfway off
As a wise man once said: "Damn, that's just cold, son." Merely hours after boxee announced its latest alpha build along with RSS feed support for Hulu, said video portal has now blocked off boxee's browser entirely from accessing its content.

Verizon's Nokia Intrigue, AT&T's E71, LG Zenon, and others expected shortly
We've stumbled across a... ahem, major national retailer's stock sheet for the next few weeks, and things are looking up -- particularly on AT&T, where we'll have a couple of long-awaited releases.

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