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The Daily Grind: Do you have a springtime MMO?

Kyle Horner

Spring is nearly here, and that means new videogame releases are bound to decline over the coming months until summer arrives with nary a release in sight. For us MMO gamers, though, what it generally means is we look for a particular game to pack away -- like geeky summertime squirrels!

Some of us stick with what's working, whether it's World of Warcraft or EVE Online. Others patiently await new exciting releases like Champions Online, Jumpgate Evolution and Free Realms. And then there are those who take a break and play the non-MMO games coming out during spring, only to return to their favorite MMO of choice once the well runs dry elsewhere.

We sometimes wonder what non-MMO gamers do in the summer. Maybe they go outside and burn up in a violent burst of pale ash, victims of our local star's death rays.

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