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Fallen Earth interview drops info on factions and storyline

James Egan

As Fallen Earth gets closer to being released, that previously hazy image of what the game will be like sharpens. The latest bit of info we've come across is an interview with Fallen Earth writer and designer Wes Platt conducted by MMO Gamer's Nate James.

In a market rather saturated with fantasy titles, Platt discusses what Fallen Earth brings to the table and how the game will be differentiated from its competitors. The interview also touches upon the background of the six playable factions in the game and their motivations, as well as the storyline element of the Shiva plague. Have a look at MMO Gamer's interview with Wes Platt for more on Fallen Earth's approach to a post-apocalyptic MMO title.

[Via WarCry]

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