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Breakfast Topic: Your wish

Alex Ziebart

When I was first exploring the Wrath of the Lich King beta, I thought that the Dalaran Wishing Fountain was one of the coolest things ever. I'm an avid angler in WoW, and I'm a huge lore geek. Combining the two is a recipe for success, I think! I really enjoyed the ability to get a little glimpse into the mind of various lore characters, and it was offered up in a pretty interactive way. It's not only the fun quotes, but a sense of discovery accompanies each new coin.

The contents of the fountain has inspired a question that's been making the rounds through the WoW community: If you had a coin in that fountain, what would it say? What wish or musing would be left on it? I posed the question to the WoW Insider team to see what they would come up with, ranging from the silly to the serious, from speaking in-character to speaking as a player. Here's what they (we) had to say...

Adam Holisky:

  • My Alliance Warrior: "What part of 'follow my target' came out in Orcish?"
  • My Alliance Shaman: "That Hunter gear looks so nice..."
Alex Ziebart:
  • My Priest's coin would say something like, "I wish I could have done more."
  • My coin? "Why won't Mike take me to prom?"
Chase Christian: My Rogue would wish to never been seen unless he wanted to be seen.
Daniel Whitcomb: My in-character wishes...
  • My Human Death Knight: "Remember."
  • My Night Elf Druid: "I wish to go home."
  • My Dwarven Hunter: "I'm doing pretty good. Ain't got much to wish for. Maybe a new hunting rifle?"
  • My Human Warlock: "I wish for knowledge and power. Not necessarily in that order."
Lisa Poisso: "In memory of Philpot the Shadowfiend."
Manda Miller:
  • My Hunter would wish to be loved.
  • My Holy Paladin would wish for the ability to break curses, to finally learn the multi-layered mysteries of The Knife, and for everyone else with her hairstyle to suddenly go bald.
  • My Death Knight would wish for the Holy Paladin's raid slot.
Matt Low: "Will they ever stop asking me for more healing?"
Matthew Rossi:
  • My Tauren Warrior would wish for a sandwich. You can have a sandwich too.
  • My Human Warrior would wish to understand why he should do less damage with two huge maces each the size of his entire body than a Rogue does with a couple of daggers.
  • My Draenei Shaman would wish for a hat he could wear visibly.
  • My Orc Shaman would wish for me to hurry up and get him to 80. And a hat he could wear visibly.
Michael Sacco: "How long has my Flametongue Weapon been off?"

Just like the coins in-game, our responses varied pretty wildly. A few serious wishes (Sylvanas, Tirion), a few silly wishes (Archimonde, Danath), and the occassional shattered 4th wall (Arthas, Anduin). Now I pass the question on to all of you. What would your coin say? Would you (or your character) have a deep and meaningful message within that fountain, or would it be something a little more light-hearted?

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