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HP rolls out Compaq CQ2000M nettop for Europe


HP's mini-Q nettop first turned up in Taiwan way back in November, but it looks to finally be making its way around the world, and it's now shown itself in Europe in the form of the Compaq CQ2000M. There doesn't appear to be any significant changes beyond the slight name change, however, with the nettop still packing the standard issue 1.6GHz Atom Z230 processor, 1GB of RAM (expandable to 2GB), a 160GB hard drive, Intel GMA950 graphics and, of particular note, a dual-layer DVD burner. Unfortunately, there's also still no indication of a release on this side of the pond, but those in Europe can apparently grab one now bundled with a 20-inch monitor for €349, or about $440.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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