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    Lenovo's 16-inch IdeaPad Y650 reviewed: not bad at all

    Darren Murph

    Lenovo's curiously cute IdeaPad Y650 has been shipping out to multimedia lovers everywhere for just under a month now, but if you've been holding tight until a legitimate review hit the tubes, here's your sign. Computer Shopper managed to get ahold of one of these 16-inch beauties, and while it was disappointed in the lack of a Blu-ray player and 1080p screen option, it generally had positive things to say. The screen, though limited in resolution (1,366 x 768), was deemed "brilliant," and the gesture-enabled touch pad was also a joy to use. It was found to be "surprisingly light" for a machine this large, and the attractive pricing made it all the more, um, attractive. All in all, it seems the Y650 is a solid choice for those looking for decent power, good looks and a large panel, but gamers and high-def junkies should probably turn their eyes elsewhere.

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