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Onei Solutions TV stand cuts down on clutter, power


TV stands with built-in speakers aren't exactly as uncommon as you may think, but this new rig from Onei Solutions (apparently built by S&C Group) is certainly a bit more stylish than most, even it may not completely be a substitute for a standalone system. While it's not clear exactly what sort of system is packed inside, you will apparently get 15W of power from each speaker, along with a reasonable number of inputs and outputs (including two HDMI and two Toslink), a built-in VFD screen, removable speaker covers and, of course, a full-function remote control (the stand itself will accommodate TVs up to 50 inches). Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this one's available 'round these parts just yet, but folks in the UK can apparently pick one up now for £385.98, or about $530.

[Via Chip Chick]

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