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    Pioneer's SC-07 receiver gets reviewed with an approving nod

    Steven Kim

    The loveliness that trickle-down is, Pioneer's flagship SC-09TX receiver is no longer the only member of the family packing the B&O-sourced ICEpower Class D amplification. The $2,200, 110-Watt 7.1-channel SC-07 went under review at digitaltrends and to no one's surprise, it was liked. Taking top honors were the clean front panel and powerful, warm sound. The remote, however, wasn't so well-liked and much like other reviews, the lack of HDMI video processing didn't slip by unnoticed for this target market or price point. As much as we admire Pioneer's purist approach and even feel that it's likely that a display paired with an SC-07 is probably more than capable of handling HDMI scaling duties, it's a notable missing check mark relative to the competition.

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