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Spore Hero: details on the Wii's Spore spinoff


EA is finally bringing Spore to the Wii, sort of: Spore Hero is coming this fall, but, of course, it won't be exactly the same as the PC game. Spore Hero, as revealed to MTV Multiplayer today, is a heavily motion control-dependent adventure based on the "creature" stage of Spore. The same creature editor from the original is present in Hero, allowing players to create new life with the Wiimote's pointer.

Players will now directly control the creature in "a series of quests and adventures in a kind of open world that you can take at your own pace." New parts can be added that will translate to new motion-controlled moves. Some moves, like jumping, will open up new areas to explore. EA is currently "taking a look" at MotionPlus for Spore Hero, for improved sensitivity for the motion-based gameplay.

This sounds a lot like the DS's Spore Creatures -- whose sequel, Spore Hero Arena, is still scheduled for a fall release on DS.

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