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Warhammer Online recruitment bonuses to include in-game items


There's a battle of epic proportions beings waged -- for MMO memberships. EA Mythic has launched a new salvo of recruitment perks in hopes of bringing more bodies over to its side, and they go beyond the usual "refer a friend, get 30 days free" variety.

Starting today, a new tiered rewards system is rolling out for those who bring their friends into the ranks of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Bring in one friend, you get the usual 30 day account credit. Another? Voila, an "exclusive in-game pet" and a month of playtime.

Refer four new players and you'll get either the "Rod of Service" or "Collar of Servitude," exclusive items that grant a 5% experience and renown bonus to all party members. After that ... just more free playtime. Though, if you stay until the very end, we hear you get a toaster.

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