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Alltel announces $40 laptop data add-on

Chris Ziegler

Have a voice line with Alltel? Listen up: you're now lined up to get some of the cheapest laptop EV-DO in the business. The Verizon division (still feels weird to say that, doesn't it?) has announced today that wireless data can be yours for a mere $40 a month -- $20 less than usual -- when added as a second line as part of a Smart Choice Pack with a voice line. That gives you EV-DO Rev. A and your choice of three cards; sadly, none of those cards are ExpressCards, but hey, for $40 3.1Mbps internet, we're more than willing to cut some corners and let a USB dongle hang off the sides of our laptops. For the record, Cricket is still a smidge cheaper at $35, but this is the first time a national (well, pseudo-national) carrier has dipped this low. Makes you wonder whether the parent company is going to partake, doesn't it?

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