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AT&T's Samsung a877 in the wild -- and on sale

Chris Ziegler

From render to Craiglist in a few minutes flat -- not bad for a phone that won't officially be on sale for a few weeks yet, as far as we can tell. A Samsung a877 for AT&T has popped up with an asking price of $400, complete with pictures to prove that the phone is the real deal; interestingly, it's identified as the Eternity, which we're assuming is a misunderstanding on the seller's part since the Samsung Eternity has already been at retail for a few months now. Of course, that leads us to suspect the remainder of the specs listed here, including MediaFLO-based AT&T Mobile TV, which -- call us skeptical -- we suspect the a877 doesn't support. All told, $400 doesn't seem bad to get your hands on technology that AT&T doesn't intend for you to have yet -- just don't, you know, expect any support from reps when you can't get your email.

[Thanks, Speedmaster]

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