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The Daily Grind: Will you be picking up the EVE Online retail box?

It's been a while coming, but EVE Online's new expansion, Apocrypha, is here - and the 13 hours of downtime that goes with it, as James noted last night. Of course, along with this enormous chunk of new expansion content, EVE players in North America also have the option of picking up a special copy of EVE Online from their favorite retailer. It comes with all updates including Apocrypha, a special ship specifically for the retail box, and two months of free game time as opposed to the normal month most games come with. (Apparently, Europe & Asia Pacific will get theirs on the 12th.)

Our question this morning is for all the die-hard fans, as well as those curious and thinking about trying it; will you be picking up a copy of the shiny EVE Online retail box? Are you picking it up just for the sake of two free months and a cool ship? Or are you totally new to EVE and it seemed like a good time to jump in and try it out?

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