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A closer look at Resident Evil 5's Progenitor Virus kit

Kevin Kelly

We decided to take a closer look at the Progenitor Virus Detection and Suppression Kit that was shipped along with the Collector's Edition of the game to certain outlets. Justin showed off some of the wares in his unboxing video, and we decided to don the rubber gloves and face mask, and activate the included discs inside the kit. You can see the resulting video above. While not really groundbreaking or heart attack inducing (like the game), Disc #1 declared our MacBook Pro to be 98% "infected." And people claim the Mac is virus-free.

The phone number that pops up when the second disc runs is (718) TRI-9446, and it connects you to a support line for the virus which currently has a hold time of 72 hours. Sound familiar? It's a bit similar to the Fallout 3 number you could call (and still can) to get put on interminable hold with Vault-tec systems. Interestingly, the Tricell number lets you leave a message. Naturally, we left one to see if we might get a call back. OH PLEASE OH PLEASE. We need more rubber gloves.

NOTE: We heard from a Capcom rep that the "0% infection rate" happens only 5% of the time. So I guess we're ultra-rare at Joystiq. There are five different possible results, and we just happened to strike on the most visually boring one. Oops. We'll strive for a reshoot soon and add it to this post.... if we can find the PS3 in the dumpster.

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