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Acer's two-faced DX650 briefly reviewed in the Philippines

Chris Ziegler

After first coming face-to-face with Acer's bizarre DX650, we weren't sure we fully understand what the phone's engineers were trying to accomplish -- and after one of the first quick takes in the wild, we're no closer to understanding the vision. As the reviewer points out, one of the main draws to the phone's numeric keypad backside would be SMS, since Windows Mobile 6.1 isn't particularly strong at dealing with finger text input -- but the problem is that the secondary screen accompanying that keypad is a wee bit small for serious SMS work. For the 24,990 pesos Acer's asking (about $518), we're pretty sure we can think of better things to buy, but hey -- you'd probably be the only cat on your block with this thing in your pocket, and we guess that counts for something.

[Thanks, George L.]

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