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Archos 5 Snap-on TV DVB-T tuner released

Nilay Patel

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Yes, it looks goofy as hell, but we're sure Archos 5 owners aren't complaining about the new Snap-on TV DVB-T accessory -- not only will it allow you to watch live TV, it integrates with the DVR features of the unit to give you portable recording. Interestingly, although the Snap-on TV features dual tuners, they're used to increase reception quality, not to allow viewing of one channel while recording another, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, we wouldn't lean on this for hardcore DVR use anyway, so we're guessing it won't be a huge issue. ArchosLounge says it should be on sale in Europe in the next couple weeks for less than €60 ($76), and they've also got some in-the-wild pics, hit the read link to check 'em out.

[Thanks, Candy]

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