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Breakfast Topic: Amazing grays

Zach Yonzon

I picked up an interesting gray item in Wintergrasp the other day -- the Broken U.L.O.S.E. Button. Players who've played Alterac Valley will recognize it as the answer to the zone's gray drop, the Broken I.W.I.N. button. Even the flavor text complimented each other and added more whimsy to the already humorous items. One of the most memorable junk items from The Burning Crusade was The Stoppable Force, a parody of another Alterac Valley item, the epic Unstoppable Force.

My wife enjoys fishing not just for the relaxing aspect but definitely for the profit. Take, for example, the Goldenscale Vendorfish. The name speaks for itself, as this piece of inedible junk sells for 6 Gold. That's still not her favorite gray item, though. The Broken Engine Part is another thing that anglers can get from fishing, and sells for 10 Gold. Not bad, huh? In Patch 3.1, though, Blizzard ups the ante with Porcelain Bell, a gray item that comes randomly from the Bag of Fishing Treasures. Lucky fishermen can sell this junk item for a pocket-fattening 100 Gold!

Of course, Wrath of the Lich King introuduced us to a plethora of fountain coins, a lot of which are gray items. Among other things, I think Blizzard does an excellent job of infusing flavor into the game with junk items. There are over a thousand gray items that it's kind of difficult to pick just one. From puns like A Frayed Knot to lore-infused junk like the Dalaran coins to plain silly stuff like the Romance Novel series, there's just a lot of cool things going on with grays. What are your favorite or most memorable grays?

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