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Dark Ops Wii Light Gun: It's the Wii light gun Jason Statham would use

Dustin Burg

The Cobalt Flux-developed Dark Ops Wii Light Gun is one of the newest peripherals vying for consumer attention. It's marketed to those of us who want to look Transporter-cool while playing Umbrella Chronicles ... oh, and to those of you who're simply tired of white peripherals.

Per the item description, the Dark Ops gun allows for independent use of the Wii nunchuck, gives easy access to the Wiimote's face buttons, and sports a nifty Lock 'N Load feature that totally makes the remote look like a clip. For your gun. A gun clip. Like, totally. All that for only $19.95. We're guessing the light gun's accuracy is significantly increased if its wielder dons a tuxedo, maintains a calm (yet cool!) demeanor, and kills bad guys for a living.

[Via GoNintendo]

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