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DS sells 100 million units worldwide [update]


As of the end of last year, the Nintendo DS had sold 96.22 million units around the world. Since it continues to sell, it should be no surprise, then, that the handheld has now achieved the ginormous 100 million milestone. According to a press release sent out today by Nintendo, the 100 millionth DS system was sold on March 6. Did you buy a DS on March 6? You could have a piece of history! And you'll never know.

The worldwide DSi launch next month should only speed the rate of sales for the handheld. That number is only going to get crazier. It seems likely to pass the PlayStation's 102 million this year, on the way to overtaking the Game Boy/Color's 118 million!

Update: after the break, a graph of worldwide DS sales, sent along with Nintendo of America's press release about the milestone.


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