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Monster Hunter G's online Monster Hunting Fees


Capcom's Japan-only Wii port of the PS2 Monster Hunter G adds two significant features: online multiplayer and a fee for online multiplayer. The company announced the fee structure today at an event celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Monster Hunter series.

For 800 Wii Points, players will get a 30 day subscription. 1,500 Wii Points provides access to Network Mode for 60 days, and a 90 day subscription costs 2,000 Wii Points. Each game comes with a 14-day free trial.

Why are the fees for a Japanese game that isn't being localized significant to us? Because this is most likely a preview of the pricing scheme for online play in Monster Hunter 3, which is being released worldwide.
Update: commenters are pointing out that Monster Hunter games have always been fee-based in Japan, but not the US. That puts the situation regarding Monster Hunter 3 right back up in the air. It doesn't change anything for G, of course, which is not leaving Japan.

[Via Siliconera]

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