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Rumorang: Turok 2 was real, now really dead [updated]


Having cropped up amid a slew of recent layoffs at Disney Interactive and related studios, a rumor that Propaganda Games was working on a sequel to its PS3, 360 and PC FPS, Turok, has been given a little more credence. Garrett Knights, a former Propaganda employee and UI designer, has added interface mockups from the game to his online portfolio.

One menu screen (above removed) shows what looks to be yet another refresh of Acclaim Comics' dino-hunting character; the rest of the images in Knights' online collection are primarily layout / typography examples, along with two brief menu animation tests. [Update: Mr. Knights has removed the portfolio from his site and asked us to remove the example at the top of this post.]

Hey, this is kind of like digging up fossils. Have any of your own to share?

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