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WoW Insider Show live this evening

Mike Schramm

Just a reminder -- the WoW Insider Show is not going live on Saturday this week, but will go live this evening at 9pm Eastern over on our Ustream page. We're recording the show at a special time, so that people who normally can't tune in on Saturday afternoons can get a chance to chat with us live (and even if you can't make it, don't worry -- this show will be out on the iTunes feed as normal, so everyone can hear it).

We'll be happy to welcome Chase Christian, author of our Encrypted Text Rogue column on this evening -- he'll talk to us about the latest Rogue changes in patch 3.1 (and maybe we'll even ask him why Rogues are so hated). And we'll breach the subject of whether Wrath is too easy (or whether we're just too good), the new Fishing dailies, and how "bring the player, not the class" works with PvP. And we'll answer your emails, of course -- you can send questions or comments to us at

It all starts tonight at 9pm Eastern over on our Ustream page or in the embedded stream after the jump (and as usual, I'll be on a little bit before for a preshow and we'll be around a little bit afterwards for the aftershow). See you then.

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