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Gefen's latest DVI extenders take things two whole kilometers

Darren Murph

And to think -- we were gettin' all hot and bothered over the extension of signals to 1,000 feet. Gefen's latest DVI extenders aim to take things far longer than 99.5 percent of Earthlings will ever need, as both the DVI-3500HD and DVI-2500HD (dual-link DVI) can take DVI, USB, RS-232 and analog audio up to 6,600 feet (two whole kilometers) without any dropouts or distortion. Of course, you'll need four fiber optic cables to make it all come together, not to mention $2,679 / $1,599 (respectively) to bring those capabilities home. But hey, you can pipe the big game to your pal's house without actually having to step foot in his less-than-inviting abode.

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