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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars launch party at Nintendo World Store (plus: new trailer)


Imagine: a world of Nintendo products -- a Nintendo World if you will. New York's Nintendo HQ is playing host to yet another launch event. Although the venue may be the same, the atmosphere will stray far from the norm. The M-rated Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars deserves its own mature-themed party.

DJ OhNo will be on hand providing music throughout the night in an event "all fans ages 17 and up" are invited to. The first 25 fans that purchase the game will be given a chance to get some exclusive, limited edition swag, such as GTA Kubrick sets. A limited edition customized Chinatown Wars DS Lite system will be on display, and "even more surprises" are being planned for the evening's festivities.

The event takes place the evening of March 16th, from 11:59PM to 2AM. Let us know if you can make it. For those of you outside of NYC, take this new trailer (after the break) as a consolation prize.

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