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Joystiq Review Roundtable: Resident Evil 5

Justin McElroy

If you're not content (or simply unwilling) to read all those words, we've got a special treat for you: A four-man, simultaneous Resident Evil 5 review team-up, featuring four (count 'em, four) Joystiq luminaries who've played through the game. The discussion is maybe lightly spoilerish, but nothing plot wise.

It's just like listening to four really nerdy guys argue at your local Gamestop, only you don't have to look at their awful haircuts. (Note: all review participants have very nice haircuts. Nothing fancy, but, you know, nice.)

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Hosts: Jason Dobson, Andrew Yoon, Griffin McElroy and Justin McElroy

Music: "Re: Your Brains" by Jonathan Coulton

But wait, you're not done with Resident Evil 5, not by a longshot! Have you read our review? Oh, well have you listened to the accompaning audio review roundtable? Oh, you have? Well, have you read every single post we've written about it? ... Wow, really? Huh, well, we guess you are done.

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