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LG GR500 pictured, sure looks like the AT&T Xenon / Zenon to us

Chris Ziegler

Yep, we think we're starting to see what's going on here. AT&T realized somewhere along the line that its two hottest product trends were full touchscreens and texting-centric devices, and now, we're going to start to see combo units come out in full force. We know we're going to be treated to the a877 from Samsung any day now, and LG's definitely ready to hit back with the Zenon (or Xenon, however those guys decide to spell it) -- thing is, the a877's supposed OLED means the LG entry already has one strike against it by our count. Anyhow, we have another scrap of confirmation in the form of this thumbnail image from YourWirelessSource, which appears to be an unbranded version of the Zenon called out by its model number of GR500. Keep it thin, LG, and we might be able to forgive a non-OLED screen. Maybe.

[Thanks, Alex]

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