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New student-created DS games available for download in Japan


Students at the annual Nintendo Game Seminar program produce original DS games, which are made available for download at DS Download Stations throughout Japan, as well as through the Wii's Nintendo Channel. Four games from the 2008 seminar will be available at Download Stations starting tomorrow, one each week, ranging from a poetry game to face sculpting.

Fuu Fuu Kirarin is a mic-controlled game in which players blow to create upward drafts that send stars back into the sky, around platforms and obstacles. Re: Koetist puts players in the role of a voice artist who reads lines, which are then played back, with the player's lines delivered by a random onscreen character. Ugo Ugo Trinity is an action game that somehow involves moving around and posing. It doesn't say it's controlled by the DSi camera, so we don't know what kind of trickery is at work. And KaoSapiens is a game about deforming and shaping weird-looking faces on disembodied heads.

Now that the DS has its own download service, we expect to see these on the Japanese DSi Shop as well. We continue not to expect them outside of Japan, despite our interest in playing weird, experimental games.
[Via Game Watch]

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